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Welcome to my simming community! Here you will mainly find my legacies, sims, picspams... Everything related to the sims 3 and now also sims 2!. Thanks for visiting and enjoy your stay! :3

Simblr! (sims3box)

Currently playing:
TS3: The Laguna legacy! archives & download a Laguna
TS Medieval: Avalon Kingdom (story of my kingdom in images) tagged here

How to install sims:
1) Download and extract the .zip file

2) Depending on if you download the .sim or .sims3pack file: Put the .sim file on your SavedSims folder OR double click the .sims3pack file, the Sims 3 launcher will open and the sim will install.
You will find the sim on the CAS (create a sim) screen, clicking on the premade sims button at the bottom will let you choose sims you have installed so you can use them.

I do NOT make any custom content for Sims 3. Everything my sims wear or have on their houses is made by other creators (thanks! ♥) and will be credited with all my might. However, please don't kill me if I forget to credit something or don't remember where I got it, these things happen.

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