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Laguna legacy Gen. 4 wrap up #1

HI! It's been eons since I last posted anything here. Simbrls are much more convenient for posting pictures because of not worrying on bandwidth and stuff. But I kind of missed posting here, so I thought I would let you in on what's been happening to the Lagunas! So this is wrap up #1 for them!
Stay tuned over at my simblr for all my sims posts :3

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Vince grew up and I sent him to University.

Lollipop being creepy, saying goodbye to Vince. Truth is he was the only one to do so xD

The new smartphones are so cool!

Vince's room at uni.

Crazy and glitchy roomies.

Llama mascot. Life status = complete.

Some Uni loving~~

Vince: Guys, forget all about what that teacher just told us! The key to succeeding in art is going viral on the internet! So get your hands on making some fun memes, put up your youtube accounts and start gaining followers!

Vince has the same rebel spirit as his parents, so protests are one of his favourite things to do.

And that's it! More than a wrap up, it's a simblr dump. I hope you enjoyed this brief post and will visit my simblr! Also if you have one, do tell me and I'll browse it :D Thanks for reading!

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