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You may be wondering (or not) where have I been, why haven't I posted the Laguna legacy in so long, or why haven't I done anything sims related.

Well, I need a new computer. My graphics card imploded to the point I can't even watch youtube videos with it (lolol *cries*). And my computer as a whole isn't the best thing ever in prospect of modifying it for future use.

I may be rushing things, but I'm getting a new one this summer. It's not too expensive and will let me play sims 3, hopefully. I miss the Lagunas and things were getting interesting! So I will update as soon as I get the new computer.

Somehow, I can only think about Sims 4 coming out and me needing yet another computer lol. I hate this, but that's how it works. I'll go with what I think is the cheapest that will work now, because anyway I can't afford anything else. And then worry about other stuff as it comes.

So, yeah, wait for me ok? :3

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