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The Laguna Legacy: 3.8

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Today I felt like playing Sims 3 again! So... I need to post this up first, I don't want to have a big amount of pictures and then don't want to post it up D:

Flashback: Treasa and Lollipop are elders now. Not much happened, so onwards!

We start this update with a Sunsetsaur spam!

Sunset: There be cromagnons out there!! RAWRRR!!

The fun is momentarily over, dinosaurs need to do homework too.

How can she possibly write with such a PAW.

Dogs being walked by dinosaurs, like you do in real life. Clover doesn't seem too amused, more like... frightened.

It's a family thing, it seems. So Cel went for a new pair of shoes and Lollipop gave her...

A new hair!

Which she loved xD

Also, I don't think I'll be playing the stylist career a lot, since my game crashes if I spend more than 3 minutes in CAS :/

That cat seemed hungry for some picnic.

And jealous for some love and attention, too.

Sunset: Hmm let's see... hey, is there anyone?!

Sunset: I want the strawberry rabbit!

Frozen brains!

And then some fishing.

Stylish man: Hmm... there's something that seems off with my new look...

Lollipop: OH MY, OH MY, I knew I forgot to match your shoes to your jacket! This will be my end, I'm going crazy!

Man: It's ok really... erh... I like it! Don't go psycho please.
Lollipop: Ok... give me just one second... to recover...

Vince kept painting AKA being boring.

Rowan and Conrad kept being cute.

And Damocles paid a visit. He matches with the Laguna's mailbox, nice!

Not another painter!

Girl: Are you serious here?
Lollipop: You were seeking my guidance into the fashion world. Now you have it.

Girl: How about some pink flowers or butterflies to go with...?
Lollipop: FORGET IT. This is the plain colours season, now go home!

NOT ANOTHER FISHERMAN. And then, see Clover bawling in the background?

Clover: A puppy fell from me... waitwhat.

And here we have Cinnamon! A male puppy! Weirdly enough, Clover had JUST ONE puppy.
And no, Cinnamon, that's not the kind of mouse you would like to chase around.

Of course, our animal lover Vince was delighted.

Sunset was ready for a birthday, and so family came over!

She looks too much like Treasa, I was a bit disappointed D: So she never stood a chance at being heir, sorry.

It was Conrad's turn now.

See all the different emotions.

OH CONRAD ♥ By age, he can't be heir, or else this legacy would last FOREVER. But, he grew up to be very cute.

Conrad: All I know is I want to work in something that will give me lots of money. Like being a football star!

Make-overed Sunset.

Treasa: Let's get things straight. You are a thief who stole my son's love from me!

Cayena: More like you threw it into the garbage, woman!

They kept on and on.

Cayena: Yes... I was thinking of a place where she wouldn't suffer... we can't have her with us at this point... yes, that will do. Thanks a lot.

No, it's not Clover the one who's leaving us, but Sunset, who's going to boarding school. So don't worry!

Some last minute father and daughter bonding...

Some last minute fishing...

Rowan: Dad, what are you looking at so mischeviously?

Lollipop: Nothing... nothing at all...

Remember Sunset's cousing (Rima's second son), whom she used to spend a lot of time with? Well here he is all grown up into a teenager.

Lollipop: Oh my, he saw me eating like a pig!
Conrad: Nothing new though, grandpa, I'll just pretend I'm not seeing you.

Ghosts have been around since forever, can't you get used to it already?!

A dog gnome!

Sunset: Don't even talk to me!

And so, she left us.

Conrad's first day of school...

Conrad: Wait... is this normal?

And a coon.

A coon who wants to stablish home at our backyard. Which isn't going to happen.

And then some senile / glitchy times xD

Clover: I'm sure we shouldn't be able to do this.

Cayena is a pro, and the other guy is just wondering what the hell she is doing. I wondered, too.

Cayena: Ok, it's upstairs!

You may also want to take care of that evil kitty too, before he eats the house.

Cayena: You see, your family is alright, this house is being well treated, and life goes on. Except for you, maybe, you are dead and all that jazz. So, will you please leave at once?

Ghost: Ok, sounds good! You convinced me.

Cayena: Then get into this capsule!

I just... don't know.

Don't know either. I guess she passed out from exhaustion lol.

Rowan decided to explore the future using the time machine! omg!!1!

He came back with a book called "You have a clone" or something like that.

Rowan: Oh my god this is scary. So that's how they do it! I thought I saw myself the other day around the street but wasn't sure.

I'm sure it was just your regular mirror and reflection though >_>

Cinnamon thinks hamsters are the scariest, but apparently Clover disagrees with that.

Lollipop: Haha, be careful! With so many stars on the military will take you down with a bazooka!

Lollipop: And we are NOT letting that happen...

GTA guys, I like to pretend they were playing GTA xD

And THEN a random stray dog died on the lot. WHYYYY?!

Treasa: Oh my god this is terrible! Devastating!
Reaper: Please, don't shout near my ears, they are very sensitive!

Vince's face explains it all. It was sad :/

Lollipop seemed unaffected. See his "I don't care" expression.

Chatting with the Death, like you do.

Rest in peace, cute old stray dog we never knew of until you died.


Yeees I love him ♥

Lollipop never likes anyone's growing up appearance!

Vince: Oh please, grandpa, cut it out!

Say HI to our new heir, Vince! Who will hopefully bring lots of fun to the household!

Treasa spent the night eating cake near her parents' gravestones. Somehow, time goes by real fast and a new generation is about to begin.

THAT'S IT FOR GEN. 3! WOOOOT! Stay tuned :3
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